Ergonomic Intelligence™ is a proprietary system used to produce the most advanced and ergonomic IV poles on the planet.


The I.V. CRANE™ and ELEVATE™ reduce the mechanical stress on the body by keeping you in a posture perfect position. From loading an IV bag to securing an infusion pump, the I.V. CRANE™ and ELEVATE™ makes these tasks effortless and much faster to complete.

Efficiencies are  increased,  injuries are decreased, resulting in a significant return on investment.

The Most Advanced I.V. Poles on the Planet.

Notion Medical is a forward thinking organization that has created and adopted unique business practices dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality medical products. Our mission is to design innovative products that reduce injuries and improve job performance in an ergonomic, affordable and practical way.

The prevention of workplace injuries is a vital part of running any facility: this was the catalyst for producing the I.V. CRANE™ family of poles. Our poles reduce the mechanical stress on healthcare workers by keeping them in a posture perfect position. Whether loading the IV bag or securing the infusion pump, the I.V. CRANE™ family of poles makes these tasks much easier and far safer. Workplace efficiency increases by decreasing the time and energy it takes to carry out regular tasks associated with an IV pole.

The New Standard in Healthcare.