Injuries associated with the use of IV poles are often the number one cause of Repetitive Strain Injuries. Costly claims and time-loss due to these injuries have huge operational consequences. Our poles are designed specifically for measurable injury prevention and will save your healthcare facility a significant amount of money - each and every year.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Staff.

It is estimated that a nurse lifts up to 1.8 tons per shift, with IV bags and Infusion pumps being the most commonly lifted items. Injuries continue to plague the nursing profession resulting in lost work time and cost to the healthcare system. Notion Medical has addressed every known concern in an ergonomic, affordable and practical way.


Return on Investment

  Reduces the time it takes to load / unload IV bags               

  and infusion pumps.

Improves Job Performance & Efficiency


   Eliminates IV pole tipping.

  Eliminates tripping on the IV pole base.

  Eliminates bumping into hospital furniture                                                                  

  & equipment.

 Increases Patient Safety

 Increases Pole Stability

         Eliminates heavy lifting of IV bags over your head.

         Bears the weight of an infusion pump when

         securing it to the IV pole.

         Significantly reduces muscle activity when     

         performing IV pole related tasks.

         Dramatically improves posture.

  Reduces Workplace Injuries

 7-times more stable than a traditional 5-legged IV pole.

Preventing injuries which result in costly claims is just one of the many cost saving benefits realized from implementing the I.V. CRANE™ and ELEVATE™ IV poles.


Health Care facilities just like Lakeridge Health Hospital have realized a significant Return On Investment.  Not only did Lakeridge Health eliminated the costly claims associated with  injuries due to IV pole use, but they also received a $123,000 rebate on their yearly insurance premium.