The I.V. CRANE™ is our most highly engineered pole and shares all of the same revolutionary features as the ELEVATE™, with the exception of the patended Quick Release Handles. This system enables the IV hooks to be lowered to a posture perfect height, making it effortless to hang and remove IV bags.


Industrial Casters

Durable metal frame & special rubber compound provides superior control and responsiveness. 

Steering Handle
Allows for easy maneuvering for both Healthcare professionals and patients.
Available in 4 & 6 hook configurations.

Power Supply

Keeps cords organized and provides a single-source of power.


Friction Brake

Prevents unwanted rolling and keeps the pole stable when securing equipment to the pole.


Elevator Bridge

Allows the pole to glide effortlessly over uneven surfaces and provides a seamless transition in & out of elevators.

Universal Pump Supports
Bears the weight of infusion pumps making attaching and removing infusion pump a breeze.
Urinary Bag Hook
Height adjustable & can be placed anywhere on the pole. 

Quick Release Handles

Lowers the hooks to a posture perfect height, allowing IV bags to be hung and removed easily.


Stability Base

Sleek design allows the base to slide easily under hospital furniture and fits comfortably behind wheelchairs.

           (prices may vary)



Base Bumpers

Rubberized compound protects hospital walls, furniture and equipment from being damaged. 


 Reduces workplace injuries

 Increases pole stability

Improves job performance

 Increases patient safety

Increases workplace efficiency

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